Looking to use Spoon it! Edible Cookie Dough products in your establishment’s dishes?

All products require refrigeration and can be frozen up to three months (preferable method of long term storage). Shipping costs will range and will be quoted separately.


We have a retail option available so please send us your information and we will contact you to chat about this further.

Product & Bulk Price Summary

  • Signature Cake Batter flavour (best seller)
    Reminiscent of dipping your finger in the mixing bowl when Ouma wasn’t looking. This sweet, vanilla cake batter base is like a birthday in your mouth. Also available as a vegan option.
  • Signature Sugar Cookie flavour
    This version is just as satisfying to eat raw as the original that you are used to eating skelm. The buttery-sweet dough feels wonderful rolling over your tongue and melts right down your throat.
  • Signature Choc Brownie Batter flavour
    Enjoy our signature choc brownie cookie dough in all its glory, free of any toppings or mix-ins. Smooth, melt in your mouth, chocolatey and just a tad salty.
  • Signature Peanut Butter flavour
    If you love peanut butter, you will love this cookie dough. Made with real peanut butter and a perfect balance of salt and sugar.
  • Gourmet Classic Choc Chip flavour
    Signature brown sugar cookie dough blend with dark and milk chocolate chips. More info.
  • Gourmet Funfetti Cake Batter flavour (best seller)
    Signature cake batter cookie dough blend with funfetti sprinkles to brighten up any bad mood. More info.  Also available as a vegan option.
  • Gourmet Cookies & Cream flavour
    Signature sugar cookie dough blend with crushed Oreo biscuits. More info.
  • Gourmet Pink Lemonade flavour
    Perfect for summer, this combination of lemon and strawberries will have you coming back for more. More info.
  • Gourmet Nom Nom Nom flavour
    Signature peanut butter cookie dough blend with dark choc chips and M&M chocolates. More info.
  • Gourmet Dark Choc Espresso flavour
    Signature sugar cookie edible cookie dough blend with cacao, chocolate chips and real espresso for flavouring. Not for the faint-hearted, this is rich and delicious! More info.
  • Gourmet Dark Choc Mint flavour
    Signature sugar cookie dough blend (with cacao & mint) with crushed mint chocolate pieces – swoooon! More info.
  • Gourmet White Choc Cranberry flavour
    A delicious white chocolate and cranberry combination, for days when you want to slouch on the couch. More info.

Wholesale Information

Spoon it!’s edible cookie dough is available to wholesale customers in varying size containers in the flavors described above. Please fill out the contact us page and we will contact you regarding sizing and pricing.

Thank you for your interest in Spoon it!’s edible cookie dough.